My Values

  • Economic Security is a Family Value. I will fight to create new, high paying jobs while ensuring that existing businesses have the support they need to compete in the global marketplace.
  • Affordable Housing.  Economic security and prosperity depend upon affordable housing in Gardiner, Livingston, and Big Timber.  As your Senator, I will work tirelessly to expand affordable housing and to support programs to create the incentives builders need to construct affordable housing for our community.
  • Our children’s futures matter. We must support our teachers, schools, and our students. For too long, the state has relied heavily on local property tax payers to fund our schools. It is time for communities to shift that funding responsibility back to the state level to ensure our schools do not find themselves caught in the middle between our property owners and the legislature.
  • All Montanans deserve access to affordable healthcare. Montanans should not lay awake wondering how they are going to pay a medical bill. It is time to ensure that our seniors do not lose their Medicare Advantage plans.  As your Senator, I will work across the aisle to ensure that our local hospitals stay financially strong, that we protect the 96,000 Montanans who are presently covered under Medicaid Expansion, and that all Montanans have the right to make our own healthcare decisions.
  • Public lands must stay in public hands. Public lands are one of our greatest assets. They support our hunters, our anglers, and our agricultural producers. They are critical to our community’s economic development. As your Senator, I will fight to improve public access for all Montanans.
  • Restoring Civility.  I grew up in a Montana where we were neighbors first and partisans second.  As a Montanan, I am dismayed by the excessive partisanship in our political conversations.  As your Senator, I will work with Montanans of all political persuasions to ensure that our children inherit the Montana they deserve.
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